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Please read before bringing your dog to daycare.

Here at Wiggle Pups, we would love to accommodate all dogs but unfortunately some dogs aren't comfortable in a daycare setting.


We can only accommodate dogs who are people and dog friendly. If we are unable to handle your dog we will not be able to accept them. Being a small scale daycare means I do not have the capacity to allow for dogs who are fearful of humans. I never want to risk any dog's safety.


Some dogs will never feel comfortable at a daycare and that is ok. We offer a free day to see if your dog is a good fit. And the truth is your dog may not be a good fit. We never want to push a dog into situations that they are not comfortable in. Us at wiggle pups have the right to dismiss any dog at any point if we feel they have become unfit to be a client. Again, safety is the number 1 priority. If we feel your dog is not a good fit, we will discuss this in great lengths and hopefully come to a mutual solution.

Wiggle pups is a collar free dog daycare. We require all dogs to come with a easy release clasp collar. This is because at drop off and pickup it is easy to take off and put back on again. All collars are put into a bin and can be retrieved at the end of the day. Due to safety some larger dogs will be fitted with velcro collars. You will notice these collars in pictures. These are our collars and will be taken off at the end of the day.

Again, because we are a smaller facility, we must be selective of what dogs can attend daycare. If your dog has behavioral issues that causes stress, or problems with the other dogs they may get dismissed at any point. These behaviors may include but not limited to..


- Excessive Mounting

- No Recall

- Nipping towards Humans or other dogs

- Destruction of property

- Bullying

- Excessive Chasing

- Escape Artist (Will not allow dogs who can jump fences) 

- Starting any kind of scuffle or fight

- Food/toy aggression

These are all based on individual scenarios and can be different per situation.

Due in an increase in no-shows and other factors we will have to start charging a fee for these spots as it costs me money when you do not show up. A simple text to cancel goes a long way in our books. We have a right to dismiss you as a client if we feel that you are being disrespectful about our time. We are a small business and each dog is very important to us.

Our fence is about 6 feet tall. Unfortunately, this means that if you feel your dog could jump our fence they will be unable to attend daycare. Safety is number 1 priority, and I never want to risk losing someone's dog. Dogs are never left unattended, but situations can happen quickly, and can be unpredictable. I never want to chance it. We will always recommend a tour prior to your dog's first day. Here is where you can determine if your dog could possibly jump the fence. Contact us if you have further questions on this. 


Working with dogs can be unpredictable. Dogs unfortunately do not speak. They do speak with their body but sometimes its hard to understand what they are saying. All owners MUST sign a waiver before allowing their dog to come to daycare. All owners MUST understand that their dog is at risk while attending dog daycare. Dog are like children at daycare. They may come home with cuts and bumps. If you ever notice this please let us know right away. Dog daycare is mentally and physically tiring, so there is a good chance when you pickup your dog they will be quite tired. This is normal. If you notice soft stool, this is also normal. Many factors can lead to soft stool. If you are concerned please let us know. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.


All owners are required to provide vet documents stating their dog has had their vaccinations. We require all three vaccinations. If you do not have these vaccinations, your dog will be unable to attend daycare. If your dog is unable to get one of these vaccinations, a vet note will need to be shown.

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